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Questions and answers
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by users. This text is recommended for mandatory reading by new users.

Do you really give 1 GB for free?
Yes, the service provides space for posting photos up to 1 GB for free, the only condition is compliance with the rules that you agree to during registration. 
For each printed photo you receive an additional 1 MB.

How to upload photos to
Click the "My Photos" button, then click the "Add Folder" button, after creating the desired folder (gallery), you can add photos to it.
The recommended format is JPEG, PNG, BMP are acceptable.

How to add photos to an exhibition?
Uploading photos to a Personal Exhibition is possible only from user folders (galleries). Click on the selected photo, click the "Photo Operations" button, select " Add to exhibition" and add the photo to the exhibition. The "Photo Operations" menu is also available by right-clicking on the photo.

How to upload photos via FTP?
Visit ftp://<your_nick> You must indicate your nickname as a login, and your password on For the convenience of your work, it is advisable to use a full-fledged FTP client.
After uploading the photos, they are automatically a few minutes, will appear in your root folder, i.e. right in the “My Photos” section.

I don’t understand how the password for folders (galleries) works.
Password restricts visits to your folders only to users who know the password. For example, only your friends to whom you have given the password will be able to see your “Fun Party” folder. If you set a password for any of the folders, then all subsequent folders created inside will also be accessible using this password.

I have run out of free space on the server, what should I do?
In your profile you can order additional 200 Mb for a fee.
For each printed photo you receive an additional 1 MB.

How to print photos?
Mark the desired photos in the folder and click the "send for printing" button. All the photos you select will be in the "Photos for Printing" folder. In one order, all printed photographs can only be of one size. If you want to print some photos in a different size, you need to create a separate order after sending the current one. More >>

How to print calendars ?
Calendars are printed exactly like regular photographs (see point above).
In the "Paper Size" field, select the size you need from the "Calendars" section. Under each photo in the basket, a “design” button will appear, by clicking on which a calendar creation wizard will appear, with which you can select the calendar you like and crop your photo for printing.

On what media can you bring photos for printing in the salon?
You can bring photos for printing on the following types of media: floppy disk, CD-R/RW, USB Flash Drive, MultiMediaCard, Microdrive, CompactFlash Card, SD Memory Card, SmartMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro and xD Picture Card.
If the aspect ratio of your photo differs from the selected print size, then you need to crop the photo according to the option you have chosen, or select a different print size that matches your photo.
What to do if I forgot my password?
You can restore your password through SMS or e-mail.

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